The Kingdom of Amokolia

Welcome to the Kingdom of Amokolia!
Bienvenue au Royaume d'Amokolia!



Welcome to the website of the Kingdom of Amokolia! Amokolia is a micronation (a small nation primarily located on the internet) located on the north central area of Benacia on Micras. Amokolia is a nation that all people can freely participate in, you could be anything from the lowest commoner, to even the King or President! Citizens of Amokolia come from all over the world, name an area with internet, and we have a citizen from there! We don't care who you are, what your beliefs are, or how you appear, we all appreciate a new citizen in our small friendly nation! Amokolia has many interesting little facts about it, may it be our Goose, our weird transportation system, or our many fictional languages, Amokolia has something that would interest you, just go to our forum or look on our citizenship page. Amokolia has many experianced Micronationalist that could help you achieve any goal you wish, and if you are a new beginner micronationalist, just register on our forum, ask a few questions and see if micronationalism could be a thing for you! If you do not speak english that well, our citizens can help! In total we al can speak about 10 languages combined, like before, just register on our forum!

Our nation is lead by King Peter the Eleventh, who has been king since January 2007, and has had a successful and long reign. Don't be discouraged though, we have many other things you can do in our nation, and to be honest, a lot of them have things the king can't do. To learn even more, check out our other pages, or visit our forum!