The Kingdom of Amokolia


The Government of Amokolia is currently in a transition, we currently are writing a constitution, but the temporary government is made up for four counsel members. They are:

The King: The King is the Ceremonial head of state, he can decree decrees, and is the de jure head of the court system. Our current king is King Peter XI, who has been king since January 2007, when King Jess X abdicated to him.

The Chancellor: The Chancellor is like the prime minister, he is chosen by the King, this is a new position, and handles day to day duties of the forum, and deals with roudy citizenry. The current Chancellor is Chris Guilfoyle, who was appointed by the king after Amokolias rebirth

The Justice: The Justice is the head of the Amokolian courts, who handles all affairs of the court system. The current Justice is Jean Beaumont, who has been since he was chosen by King Jess X many summers ago.

The Founder/Military Czar/Forgien Affairs: The F/MC/FA s the founder who handles all external affairs concerning the military and treties et cetera. He is Jess Heimer, and has been the FMCFA since its inception after the rebirth.