The Kingdom of Amokolia

Citizens and Denizens of Amokolia

Citizenry of Amokolia

There are currently 9 citizens and denizens (legal aliens) that are in Amokolia. They are:

Jess Heimer: (Joined May 12 2005) The founder and hold many obscure positions (look at government page). He has been leader quite a few times and at times, the only person around Amokolia. He is quoted as saying "I wouldn't leave Amokolia until Shireroth freezes over" (look at for more info)

Peter Kelly: (Joined September 2006) The current king, and former lawyer of Amokolia. Peter was gone for many months with an illness, but has triumphantly returned. Peter is known for his provincial niceness to him. He is also the de jure head of the Church of Amokolia.

Jean Beaumont: (Joined July 14, 2006) The hero of all Amokolia. (more info, look at history) Jean is currently the head justice, and is a native speaker of French. He also created the Amokolian Language (bug him about that) Jean was the representative to the UNAM until it fizzled out, Jean is the boldest citizen and in many ways, the person who founded modern Amokolia.

Steka: (Joined May 12 2007) Steka has been a citizen of Amokolia since its 2nd birthday, and is in many ways the talk of the town, she always argues...and Amokolia loves her for that. Just bring up something and she will say something about it. She is also the minister of Propagannograhpy.

Chris Guilfoyle: (Joined July 2008) Chris is a new governmental addition to Amokolia, he is the chancellor and does many things around Amokolia to help her grow. Not much is known about him.

Rebecca Panks (Artz): (Joined August 2008) Rebecca is a nice addition to Amokolia, she used to be leader of Vanderveer and has had many other positions in various micronations. She is engaged to the founder (RP speaking)

Daniel Malexander: (Joined September 2008) Daniel is the newest addition to the Amokolian citizenry, his real identity is not public to Amokolia, but is a bigshot in many micronations, you should ask him. Daniel is a native speaker of Swedish, but can speak English at a native language

Corey Stolzfus (Origawa): (Denizen) Corey is a former citizen, but now is a denizen because of his Ruling Stewardship in Shireroth. He is the main leader of the Amish Population of Neuensdorf, and occasionally pops out of there to have some fun. He can also speak German, Japanese, and some Swedish.

Andreas Mayer (Andreas the Wise): (Denizen) Andreas was a citizen of Amokolia until Gralus collapsed in August 2008. Andreas is a master at Magic and at legal consultation, he is also the Novan Ambassador. He is a welcome denizen in Amokolia.