The Kingdom of Amokolia

The Provinces of Amokolia

In Amokolia there are 4 provinces, most of them have a very detailed history, and upon joining Amokolia, you must pick a residence. The Provinces each have their own theme and are very diverse, most have football teams and some have their own language.

Lóëóng (Low-eh-ong)

Lóëóng is Lengish (∂íЯj) for Leng, the most northern island on all of Micras. Lóëóng has its own language of the same name, which, in english is called Lengish, and will be all written down shortly, the language is currently in Jess's english notebook, waiting to be put on the internet. Lóëóng is mostly barren, but has 4 mountains on it that can be seen as far as 1000 kilometers on clear days. About 2,000,000 people live in Leng (1 active citizen= 1,000,000 fictional citizens) all, except a few scientists live under the giant glass domes that were constructed during the 1850s and transported via icebreaking ship. Most Lengish citizens speak Lengish, except a large minority in New Marisco City that speak Capadian (a French Dialect). Leng is composed of three main regions, Lokistaad (the islands off the west coast), Marisco (New Marisco city and 100 km. diagonal region east), and Jesis-Lóëóng (Jess's Leng). Leng is home to the Mariscan Communists Football Club and the Danish Freeze.


Automatica is the most populous Amokolian province, and the first settlement of Amokolia. Anun, the capital of Amokolia is situated there. Automatica is divinded up into 4 diverse parts. About 5,0000,000 people live on the two small islands. The parts of Automatica are very diverse, they are as follows. St. George, is the Maritime Greek themed area, and is home to Hollian Slayers, Hollian is the demonym for someone from St. George. The largest city in St. George is Parisia, which is about 500,000 people. The local language is Greek, but with a latin alphabet. Capadia is the French part of Automatica, the local language is Capadian (Cuh-pay-de-en) which is a French Dialect, with a little bit of dutch and german influences. Capadia is home of Lake Regina, one of Amokolia's premier spa towns. The population of Capadia is about 400,000 people. Some along the Greek belt (the area that runs 50 km parallel from the Fardian boarder and between the edge of  the peninsula) speak greek. Capadia is home to Adeuat Ruins, a town that was completely destroyed by the Socialist Revolution of 2007. West of Capadia and South of St. George is the Fardian Autonimous Region, the oldest part of the nation, home to the former capital of Amokolia, Ft. Fardia, which, Fardia by itself is home to around 3,000,000 people because of both metropolises of Ste. Marie and Ft. Fardia. Fardia is home to the Fardian Warriors Football Club. The Special Anun Region is the area of the Capital, that consist of two townships, Anun, and Christchurch. The island below Greater Automatica is West Fardia Island, West Fardia only has about 70,000 inhabitants 60,000 that live in New London, a port city on the West Side of the Island. The Eastern half of the island is a National Park, that is home to the famous Goose Flock that pointed the Amokolian sailors in the right direction to saftey.


The Province of Vaten is home to Amokolia's Scandinavian population. Vaten is also Amokolias largest province by area, and is physically diverse in land terms. The mountains of the south and the praries of the north offer great grazing land for goats, and large fields for the grain growers of Vaten. Vaten is boarderd to the south by Mishalan, to the east by Shireroth, and to the West by Shireroth. Vaten has a population of about 3,000,000 people. About 1,000,000 people live in Petersburg, the Largest city in Vaten. About 500,000 in Mittlere Stadt, and about 50,000 in North East Mishalan Muse. Vaten is divided into four sections. Oleslääd is the largest,and is Norweigian themed, home to Mittlere Stadt (500,000) Cherokee (25,000) and Spring Valley (30,000) Oleslaad is a largely agricultural province, that growns a lot of grain. Oleslaad is home to the Mittlere Stadt Vreightburgers. Svensland is to the east of Oleslaad. Svensland is home to the Swedish population, and is a mixed rural and urban area, with the city of Petersburg, and the mill towns along the River Vaten. Terra is the other Vatenen area, home to the Amokolias Finnish and Waloon population (from Capadia), Terra is home to Le Terre, the centre of hippie lifestyle on Micras. The most interesting area of Vaten is Neuensdorf, an Amish-German area that isn't under Amokolian jurisdiction, only under protection by Vatenen and Amokolian forces. in Neuensdorf, electricity is outlawed and there is a constant barn raising under the watchful eye of Corey Stolzfus.


Mishalan is home to the National Roleplaying foundation. Mishalan does not have a Nomadic population that is hard to count, but is estimated around 1,000,000 people. Mishalan is a medival style province as far as religion and technology goes, although they do use the Amokolian Rail Car system. Mishalan is also one of oldest areas of Amokolia. Mishalan is divided into two parts, Mishalan, and East Mishalan. Mishalan is an area located between the two forks of the River Vaten. Mishalan is mostly French, and a lot of Capadian emigrants come from there. The local language is Capadian. The largest city is Jean-la-Ville. East Mishalan is a English Medival style province, and is also hanunted with magic from the Novan and Jokerdom immigrants that move there, they are also constantly arguing with the Mishalanians. The largest city is East Mishalan Muse, which, as advised by the Amokolian government, all non Mishlanaians are warned to stay out of there, unless they have a good knowledge of magic, and can speak a decent amount of Jokes.