The Kingdom of Amokolia

History of Amokolia

(Note: The First part of this history happened offline, at school, if you go to the forums, be sure to ask Jess about some of these things. Secondly, please read over this a couple of times to see what you should and shouldn't do. On the Banner it is The Statue of the Founders [Jacob, Jess, and Austin], A Painting of Jacob I, and the Amokolian Regimental Army Band, Anun.)

Amokolia was founded at a school,on May 12 2005, when two people were in fourth grade, and were bored at recess...little did they know that this thing would turn out to be something magnificent. Amokolia's first name was the Kingdom of the Matts, as the small country consisted of the cheerleading matts proped up as a fort in the corner of the gym.The first ruler was titled Emporer Jacob I, who was the supreme ruler, sort of, who appointed a President, then known as El Presidente, Jess Heimer, who were the only two in the country. Then it was summer break and everything stopped. When the two went back to school,  they refounded the nation, and more people started to join, then they took the cones, and staked out a boarder that ran down where the bleachers ran out of the wall. There were three provinces, Mattia, Mishalan, and East Mishslan. The country then got tired of Jacob, who ruled with a hard fist, and then they tricked him into abdicating, and the people appoined Austin II in his stead (the numbering system is the kings number). Who ruled perfectly, and eventually retired and handed the crown over to Austin III (two different people) who, with his wife, McKenna II, started a colony and lived there, across the gym. The crown then got passed to Dustin IV, who did not rule wisely, and when a traitor, named Andrew came along and told lies that the President and democratically elected government wanted to get rid of the monarchy, the Nation split into two countries, the Kingdom of Royalties, and the Republic of Fartia, who were continuously at war until the Republic paid the royals ¥ 1,000,000,000,000 to become part of the same nation (the Yen was a fictional currency, that was really worth nothing). The new nation was called the Royal Fartian Republic, combining the two governments. Then Dustin IV gave the throne to  Andrew V, who then appointed Prime Minister Dallas Rivera to the Triumvirate, to govern the nation. Andrew V passed the crown onto Caleb VI and his queen Journee III, who governed the nation, and passed the crown to Austin VII, whom passed the crown to Wyatt VIII, the next prime minister after Dallas. That is when all of the citizens, bar Jess and Wyatt, joined Austins rebellious Schwartz, that was a rebel nation, that wasn't really a nation, and was sick of the Fartian laws. But soon, the Schwartians rejoined Fardia after a couple of major battles or so, and that ruler Austin IX, created, with the President Jess, the Royal Amokolian Republic. Austin then switched positions with Jess, and Jess became King Jess X, or KJX for short. That is what brings us online.

No more recess after 5th grade, so the nation was forced to move online, Jess made a website for Amokolia, not really knowing what a micronation was, mainly just for fun, and soon enough, we had our first citizen, his name was Jean Beaumont, who helped transform Amokolia into what it is today. Jean created our first forum. Somehow non-original citizens started joining Amokolia and soon after, we had our first constitution, which was adopted on September 23 2006. But then people became angered with the Amokolian government, that consisted of King Jess X and President Jean Beaumont, and Sænate. Then Amokolia joined the MCS and got land on Micras. So the people were dissatisfied with the monarchy and formed the socialist movement, that consisted of John Haregreves and Michael Walsh. Because of this King Jess abdicated to King Peter XI, who ruled the nation for about two weeks before the socialists intentionally crashed the website and forum, they were found guilty and banned for life, although the sentence was shortened to 6 weeks for Walsh, who immediatly came back after his sentence, Haregreves sentence was shortened to 6 months, and he also returned. During the summer of 2007, activity was at its lowest levels, until the fall, in which Jess was elected president of Amokolia, and brought the nation into a new era of learning, and opening up to other micronations. Although the Socialists still hated Jess, and made him  resign the presidency, although he then appointed Temporary President and ran the nation. In January 2008, Amokolia announced its intention to join Gralus, this was approved, and Amokolia was a member of Gralus until its collapse. Then, in February 2008, Amokolia moved to a new forum and had a giant burst activity, 117 posts per day. That was only for a week or so though, then all posting stoped, the nation was only saved by Gralus, nothing happened until June, except for a few posts here and there. The nation was declared dead on May 21 2008. All assests were then moved to the Oleslääd-Svensland Rike, the successor state of Amokolia. The OSR only lasted a month or so before Jean and Peter came back and said "WTF happened to Amokolia?" The two parties were in negotiation, and then   they resulted in both of them restarting the Kingdom of Amokolia on July 17 2008, a new government system was instituted, that was included the King Peter XI, the Chancellor Chris Guiylfoyle, the Chief Justice Jean, and the Military Czar Jess. Then came the collapse of Gralus, that left Amokolia the only member in Gralus, which was by then dead. Amokolia then suddenly started back just like the good old days, about 10 PPD, which continues today.

This is our history! The future is up to YOU!